Small Business 2020 – what do you really think about your business?

Cashflow is the biggest joint concern for small businesses. Sign up for a free Bottomline Technologies guide to solving the problems of late payment


Cashflow is the joint biggest area of concern for small business owners, according to new research from Bottomline Technologies.


Getting money in from unpaid invoices is, along with finding and retaining customers, the joint most pressing worry for small and medium-sized businesses.


According to small business funder Iwoca, 40 per cent of UK businesses are currently facing over £10,000 in unpaid invoices.


Bottomline Technologies has put together this comprehensive guide to help your small business get paid faster, which includes the following content:


– What areas would you look for help in?

– What is your biggest area of concern?

– What areas would you invest in to improve efficiency?

– Where have you received helpful advice or information from?

– The answers are illuminating.


You can find out what other small business owners think in the free guide Small Business 2020 – What do you really think about your business?


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Bottomline Technologies has put together the 15-page guide to help your small business get paid faster

– Why do some business customers pay so late?

– Strategies for dealing with persistent late payers

– Preventing and dealing with late payment

– Six ways to ensure you get paid on time

– Understanding how Direct Debit works

– How to choose the right payment processor for you

– Different payment methods – which one is right for you?

– How to create a paperless invoicing system

– Case studies from businesses that have sped up late payments