Small Business Guide to a Technology Purchase

Choosing the right technology and picking the right partner.

If you run a growing business, you know the importance of acquiring new customers and retaining the ones you have. To be successful you need to arm your sales and service teams with the tools that will make them most effective. If you are using (or are thinking about using) Salesforce or, integrating phone sales and service with your CRM can offer some amazing benefits including:

  • Increasing the number of sales prospects you connect with over the phone.
  • Improving service by providing screen-pops with customer contact and case details along with incoming phone calls.
  • Resolving customer issues more quickly by using salesforce data to dynamically route incoming calls to the most skilled person or team.
  • Improving call quality by logging and recording calls.
  • Increasing agent performance by allowing supervisors to monitor calls and coach agents.
  • Improving your overall service and support by monitoring and measuring agent and team productivity.