The 2023 Smart Home Buyers Index

Discover what your customers prioritise

As a leading collaborator in the building industry, Samsung commissioned bespoke research of 1,000 consumers looking to move home (buy or rent) in the next five years and analysed UK Google search habits between March 2022 and March 2023.

This ebook highlights what’s trending in the smart home and smart tech spaces and what features property developers should be considering in their plans.

With UK home buyers willing to spend 6.5% more for a fully equipped smart home and 71% of UK home buyers and renters saying energy efficiency is a key factor when considering a smart home, smart home technology is not something to be overlooked.

The results have also shown that the appeal of smart technology in the home has evolved from style to substance. Consumers don’t just want their homes to look slick; they’re now serious about the positive impact these devices could have on their lifestyles, for example, the ability to save more money and make their homes more energy efficient.

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