The ultimate guide to payroll compliance

Everything you need to know about payroll legislation and compliance.

Compliance is one of the top challenges facing any payroll and HR department. It’s up to you to ensure that all personnel business
practices follow current laws and that you are keeping proper records
to document your company’s compliance.

While an efficient payroll system can help to enhance employee moral and boost your reputation, mistakes in record-keeping and compliance can result in punitive penalties – even lawsuits. Of course, no business wants to expose itself to such financial and reputational risk.

However, keeping up to date with payroll legislation can be a complex task. It’s reported that
as many as one in three small businesses are penalised for incorrect payroll.

To protect your company from costly fines and even litigation, you need to stay informed
about employment laws, reporting rules, and changing workforce compliance issues. In
this guide, we look at the challenges and the payroll solutions that will help your payroll
department meet its compliance requirements with confidence