Tide – The small business guide to marketing on a budget

Generate new customers the smart way

With the constant changes to Google and social platforms like Facebook limiting the reach you have on your audience, marketing with a positive ROI can be challenging. This ebook shows you how to generate new customers on a limited budget.

Tips & real-life examples from small businesses

It can be tough getting customers without breaking the bank. Learn which channels to choose, how to create the right content and execute in a profitable way. So you can get new customers to your business from as little as £0 a month?

In this free ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to create an effective and affordable marketing strategy
  • How to understand your customers and use their language to make them feel like you’re a trusted friend
  • What your website needs to turn visitors into paying customers
  • 9 marketing tactics and strategies to generate customers today

What’s inside

Small business marketing tips in 5 chapters

  1. How to define your marketing strategy: Define your roadmap for success
  2. Creating a website & content that converts: Building your digital storefront
  3. A quick guide to earned & paid media: Attracting new customers at scale
  4. Six marketing tactics to test: Fast and easy-to-implement techniques
  5. Affordable marketing tools: Using technology for automation and scale