Employees prefer to stay late on Valentine’s day

Up to 71 per cent of employees would stay late on Valentine's day to deal with an urgent enquiry, according to a new survey.

Findings from Lloyds TSB Business Insurance show that only a quarter of respondents would prefer to leave the enquiry until the following day.

Yet almost half of those questioned said they would prefer to leave work early than take a cash bonus from their boss.

Phil Loney, chief executive of Lloyds TSB Insurance, says: ‘This Valentine’s day, couples and singletons alike should take the time to readdress their work and life balance, and ensure they’re showing as much commitment to their partners and home lives as they are to their jobs.’

The survey also shows that 38 per cent of respondents admit to talking about work “very often” or “often” while having a romantic meal with their partners.

Meanwhile, figures from the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Forum show that UK employees are known for working the longest hours in Europe.

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