Employees would take their dog to work

Some 85 per cent of employees who have dogs would bring them into the office given the opportunity, finds research.

However, according to a survey of 224 dog-owning employees conducted by office design company Maris Interiors, only 5 per cent have actually brought their pet to the workplace.

Some 38 per cent admit they would consider changing jobs if it meant they were able to bring their dog in, while 16 per cent would give up one week’s holiday in order to have their pooch in the office, and 14 per cent would even take a pay cut.

Non-dog owners aren’t quite so enthusiastic about the idea of pets at work, with 68 per cent unhappy to work in an environment with dogs around.

Michael Howard, chairman of Maris Interiors says, ‘We should perhaps be a little cautious about encouraging dogs in the workplace. Whilst they might boost morale for the dog-lovers at work, we have to respect the views of the majority of employees who don’t have dogs and don’t want their cables chewed.’

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