Make flood resilience for your business your new year’s resolution

The Know your Flood campaign is raising awareness to UK SMEs about how to protect your business after 4000 businesses were affected by floods.

The Know Your Flood Risk campaign is today launching a new Guide to Flood Resilience for businesses, developed by two former victims, Mary Dhonau OBE and Carly Rose.

With over 4,000 business premises affected by water damage in December 2015, the supplement provides highly practical guidance on steps all businesses can take to make their premises flood resilient.

As Mary Dhonau, chief executive of the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign explains, ‘Just over a year ago, record levels of rainfall were recorded, with the Environment Agency issuing over 90 severe flood warnings. While 13,000 households were directly impacted, we mustn’t forget about the thousands of businesses that also bared the brunt of the deluge. But, how do you know if your business is at risk of flooding and if it is, what to do about it?’

Dhonau thinks that they have created the new business flood resilience supplement, which includes an emergency plan template to really act as a guiding hand on what steps to follow to make your office, factory or other commercial facility resilient to flooding. By following the advice, it will help to make recovery that much quicker.

Learn the dangers

The new guide is a supplement to Know Your Flood Risk’s popular Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience and is designed to help business owners be aware, prepare and take practical steps to reduce the impact that flooding can have on their operations.

It includes a design prototype of a flood resilient commercial building, which can be used as a helpful guide for those new to considering flood resilience measures for their office, factory or commercial building.

Dhonau adds, ‘It’s so important to safeguard local economies and jobs. Only a few weeks ago we have seen the British Insurance Brokers’ Association launch a new commercial insurance scheme for businesses with properties located in areas at risk from flooding, which has been created with input from Landmark Information Group, Guy Carpenter and R&Q Commercial Risk Services.

This scheme takes into consideration the use of any property-level resilience products when pricing the premium and is a great step forward. Now, our free supplement delivers pragmatic guidance to support businesses in making sure they are aware and prepared for future flood events to help minimise resulting business downtime.’

Over the Christmas period Lord John Krebs from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) said it was important to learn from the run of issues that have affected parts of the country in recent years. He was quoted as saying, ‘Almost every year there has been some more or less major flooding event and that is a key message. We have to now get it embedded that this is something that will happen somewhere most years.’

Dhonau concludes, ‘With the Committee on Climate Change suggesting that flood events are something we need to be mindful of each year, it’s vital that business leaders and commercial property owners take steps now to make sure that, should the worse happen and water breach their premises, they are prepared and have taken steps to lessen the negative impact on both the building and their business interests.’

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