Funding given to train staff

Around £27 million of European Social Fund money is being issued to help employers ensure their staff have the right skills for their jobs.

The money is being made available via the UK government, which is aiming to support firms and ensure employers are continuing to fill positions.

Minister for employment and welfare reform Tony McNulty says in the current climate it is essential everyone has the correct abilities to do their job properly.

Some of the money will be directed towards unemployed or disabled people and aid them in getting the right skills to get back into the workplace.

Money will also be given to train and support people setting up new, not-for-profit businesses, while money will be targeted at training older employees and improving computer knowledge.

Organisations can submit proposals for projects to help people train in their job, three of these schemes will then be picked from each region, with each scheme expected to last for up to three years.

The funding announcement comes after skills secretary John Denham revealed £350 million of government funding would be given to small firms to train their staff.

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