How gadgets at work can improve your health

Here are some useful gadgets that will help your employees stay healthy and productive at work.

There have been many statistics in the media about how the sedentary lifestyle of an office worker can lead to numerous health problems in the future. Two thirds of people believe that sitting at their desks for seven hours a day has had a negative impact on their health. Here are some useful gadgets that will help your employees stay healthy and productive at work.

Ergonomic keyboards

These keyboards are aimed at employees whose job roles include a large amount of typing. They are specifically designed to allow users to type in a comfortable position and as a result, minimise muscle strain and the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are a variety of ergonomic keyboards available to suit different needs. Fixed-split keyboards feature the keys split into two or three sections so that the user can type at a different angle to when using a typical straight keyboard. Contoured keyboards place the keys at shoulder width so the user does not have to move their arms and wrists at uncomfortable angles.

Creative desk solutions

You can encourage your employees to move around during working hours rather than sitting at their desk all day by introducing the option of treadmill desks. These have many health benefits for employees, which include a lower the risk of weight gain, reduced back pain, a lower the risk of heart disease, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

A cheaper alternative to the treadmill desk is a standing desk, which has the same benefits but is more cost-effective and requires no running costs. Also, you can buy mini stair-steppers designed to use under desks, which allow employees to burn calories whilst remaining seated.

Increased ventilation

All offices should have proper ventilation and filtration to promote a healthy workplace. The office is a prime location where illnesses are passed between co-workers and this is likely to reduce efficiency and increase absences.

There are several ways to tackle this, which includes investing in air purifiers or smoke and ventilation systems that can be used if there is shared a kitchen in your office, or if any electrical equipment is used regularly. Try installing electric window controls, such as those available at Rocburn Limited. They protect an employee’s health by keeping the office ventilated in the event of a fire or if there is smoke detected.

Investing in gadgets in the workplace can increase your employee’s health and protect them against the sedentary and inactive lifestyle that office workers often fall into. By making an active decision to promote a healthier lifestyle, you can lead a more motivated team with fewer sickness absences.

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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