Go green and stay in the black

Going green can save your firm money, improve its efficiency and encourage good management practice.

This is the message from office accommodation provider Workspace, which has produced a free guide offering tips and advice on how to make your business more environmentally friendly.

Billed as a “guide to improving waste management and sustainable development policies,” Workspace’s “Recyclopedia” focuses on the 3R’s of “reduce, re-use and recycle.” The booklet relates these 3 principles to everyday business resources including computers, polystyrene cups and cables to offer advice on running your business in a greener manner.

According to Workspace chief executive Harry Platt the guide is “designed for use by SMEs in all sectors and provides waste-busting tips for those keen to make a difference both to the environment and to their profit margins.”

“These issues are going to be increasingly important to small businesses in the longer term,” explains Platt, though he does concede that costs reductions are unlikely to be immediate. “It’s about cutting down on waste and being efficient, aspects of good management practice.”

To Platt, inspiration for the Recyclopedia stems from his firm’s own experiences. “Part of our overall policy as a company is to reduce our own environmental impact and as a landlord we also see this as part of our wider role too” he concludes.

To order your free copy of Workspace’s Recyclopedia contact the company on 0870 166 6456.

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