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Managers should keep an eye on the profit and loss of their health as much as they do on the health of their business, suggests Dr Dorian Dugmore, Secretary General of the World Council for Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and one of the speakers at Inspire2006 - the UK's first event for chief executives for SMEs.

Dr Dugmore has a passion for helping people stay healthy after using sport to recover from a serious accident in his childhood that left him confined to a wheelchair for some time. He is looking to educate small business owners on why looking after their health and their employees improves their bottom line

Through extensive research Dr Dugmore has noticed a developing trend in poor health amongst leaders of businesses both large and small. And not surprisingly the research shows that owners of small businesses are exposed to a higher risk, due to working longer hours and having higher levels of stress.

‘People running their own businesses are devoting so much time to their it that they are running out of time to look after themselves,’ explains Dr Dugmore. ‘There is also a marked difference in nutritional behaviour in this country. People are consuming more fat and sugar and do little or no exercise, which is resulting in an increase in heart disease and conditions such as diabetes and cancer.’

Dr Dugmore believes that the health of an owner is more closely aligned to the prosperity of the business than people would like to think and in such competitive times anyone ignoring this link could end up paying a high price.

Dr Dugmore will provide lots of tips and advice at Inspire2006 on how to keep fit and how to encourage your employees to stay fit, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get active

Exercising for as little as 40 minutes per day can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. Exercising to a level that you notice a temperature change will indicate that enough has been done to improve your immune system and burn excess body fat, one of the main contributing factors to heart disease and cancer.

Have a healthy diet

Complement exercise with a diet makeover. By eating a more Mediterranean style diet with lots of fish, fresh fruits and vegetables you will reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease by having less than 15 per cent fat. With less than seven per cent saturated fats in your diet you will begin to feel and look healthier.

Know your numbers

By being aware of your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, body fat and blood sugar, you can actively monitor your progress and your own health.

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