Holidaymaking business owners struggle to switch off from work

More than three quarters of owner-managers admit to responding to work email while away on holiday, finds research.

Two thirds (66 per cent) of them also admit speaking to the office at least once every day while on vacation, according to a study by employment law consultancy Peninsula.

Some 58 per cent of owner-managers claim to have had an argument with their partner about getting in contact with work while on holiday.  

Alan Price, HR director of Peninsula says, ‘Clearly it is very difficult for bosses to switch off from work while on holiday, however it’s essential for them to recharge their batteries and it’s a perfect opportunity to allow key members of staff to prove themselves while you are away.

‘We go on holiday for a reason and that is to recharge our batteries, so calling into the office or responding to email is not a good use of your time.’

However, Price says this doesn’t mean work should be abandoned altogether while on holiday.

‘It can be a good opportunity to take stock of how your year is going, especially as you will have a fresh perspective on projects being away from the office environment.

‘In addition, being away from the work environment can also be an ideal opportunity to think up new ideas, so use the time wisely and keep stock of ideas for when you return back to work; in other words new sights provide us with new insight and possible fresh new ideas that can be advantage to the business.’

Price adds that being away allows other employees and management to prove themselves, they have been delegated tasks to undertake on your behalf, providing them with the opportunity to shine.

‘The last thing they need is someone challenging their decisions; they should be afforded trust and be left to their own devices to manage whilst you are away, so give key management the opportunity to do this.

‘So remember by taking quality vacation time it provides us with much needed rest, recharges our mind, allows key staff to prove themselves and can help promote creativity, so switch off and enjoy your holiday.’

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Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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