How home energy saving habits can help your business

Employee energy usage at home, their attitudes towards green energy and energy saving habits could save your business money.

How energy conscious is your workplace? Does your team work hard to reuse, reduce and recycle? Or have you noticed wasteful habits creeping in?

Research carried out on behalf of OVO energy, one of the leading independent suppliers, reveals that we may be one the most environmentally-friendly generation yet.

The data shows that most Brits do care about the impact of their energy use on the environment and over 85 per cent of people make a conscious effort to save energy at home.

Are Brits really that eco-friendly?

This suggests that people who are more eco-conscious at home are more likely to carry these habits over into the workplace.

According to the OVO survey, a third say that they always try to do what they can to be greener around the home, 44 per cent believe they have a good understanding of which appliances cost the most to run.

This is great news for businesses whose utility bills are heavily influenced by the powering of technology, appliances, light and heating.

While a third (34 per cent) say they think they do enough to save energy, that still leaves the majority who may be letting the energy savers down.

Brew time

However, our nation of tea drinkers are doing their bit for the environment. The data shows that only 17 per cent of UK adults fill the kettle to the top just to make one cuppa.

While the temperature of most offices is moderated by a main control board – there are daily grumbles about the workspace being too hot or too cold. Despite this, people seem to be persevering as only 8 per cent Brits admit to having the heating on at home while the windows are open.


Lights pose another potential source of waste – being on from morning through to evening.

However, with the help of energy saving light bulbs and the news that a whopping 82 per cent of people turn the lights off in an empty rooms at home, there should already be an established culture in your workplace ready to spot any signs of energy wastage.

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