How to choose the right software developers for your company

Here, we look at a service that tests programming candidates before interview, helping you to find the right hire.

As a small business owner it can be frustrating when the quality of candidates on a CV does not match up with the person in front of you at interview.

This is especially true when hiring a developer. After all, a programmer is often the person who is going to construct your vision; the person on whom you depend to set the technical foundations of your company. It is essential to make sure that the fit is right and you make a good hire.

Many employers would welcome the opportunity of testing their candidates before meeting them, to ascertain their suitability for the role you are offering. This achieves the goal of reviewing their skills and avoids wasting your time if their knowledge is not up to scratch.

Tests for Geeks is a service which helps people to save their time and money during the recruitment of developers. It isn’t a substitute for a live interview, but more like a filter; you only need to see those candidates who pass the programming tests. It’s an assessment that could build your future fortune as a company.

So how does it work? Well, it’s possible to choose the required test from a range of options (C# or HTML/CSS/JavaScript etc), then generate the unique link, send that link to the candidate, after which you receive the report in your email immediately after the candidate finishes their assessment.

In addition, it is possible to publish the link for the test on your website and candidates can do the test without your participation, saving you time. Candidates just give their names and contact information prior to passing the test.

Another benefit is that a company can use their own domain name and logo for the test, so candidates will think that it’s your company’s screening service and not that of Tests for Geeks.

The pricing model is very flexible, starting with $29.95, and discounts are available if you buy three months to one-year subscriptions.

If you have candidates overseas or you want to hire a freelancer, then Tests for Geeks will fit your needs perfectly. Just send them a link to test.

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