How to improve brand awareness with promotional materials 

Here, we look at the benefits of using promotional materials for marketing.

Developing a strong and reputable brand is imperative in business, and the very pinnacle of success. Brand awareness is necessary for creating a favourable impression amongst customers and motivating potential customers to buy. Companies are always looking to increase brand awareness, and this is done in many ways; starting with always offering a great product or service, and including other aspects; such as a good advertising campaign, a strong presence on social media and the internet, proper product placement in shops, and by using promotional materials to get your name out there.

However, let’s talk specifically about the benefits involved with using promotional materials to generate hype over your brand, and just how effective this can be.

Why promotional materials work

Statistics have proven that promotional products are extremely effective in advertising, providing the highest rate of return on an investment. The reason these promotional items are so effective is because they are the only form of advertising that can reach out and engage all of the five senses. By simply adding a corporate message to a useful product, your brand’s information travels around in public and creates a lasting impression on the users, and those seeing it. In addition to this, everybody loves getting something for free, so by gifting them the promotional merchandise they are happy to use them and, in turn, it enables you to increase your brand’s reach. Consumers are also able to recall your brand easily, and brand awareness is therefore successfully expanded.

Promotional products can be just about anything, the possibilities are endless, and there are options to fit any companies’ budget. Some 58 per cent of people who receive a promotional item keep and use it for an average time frame of about four years, making it well worth the initial investment as it will continue to have advertising power for a long time to come.

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Promotional materials also have an immediate impression on those who receive them, with 59 per cent of consumers having a more favourable impression of the brand after receiving the merchandise. Having such items around keeps the brand on the mind, increasing the likelihood of using the product or service at a future date.

How to effectively use promotional materials

Effective marketing using promotional materials needs to be done properly in order to receive maximum benefits. Select items that directly correlate to your company or are easily implemented into a person’s daily routine or lifestyle, and choose items that make sense for the brand. For example, a vitamin company may choose items that collaborate with healthy living, like reusable water bottles, sweatbands, towels and other items of that nature. Make sure promotional materials are properly branded with your company’s exact log and include any other relevant information – like contact details, web addresses and slogans – ensuring that all information is correct. Distributing these products at retail outlets and large public events where they will attract lots of attention is crucial in the marketing initiative.

How a promotional item manufacturer can help

Turning to an established company is a wise decision when looking for a supplier for your promotional materials. Outstanding Branding has over 20 years’ experience providing branded clothing and corporate giveaways, as well as stocking a huge catalogue of high quality, fantastic promotional merchandise. From key rings to stationery items, to larger ticket items like laptop bags and electronic accessories, like power banks, speakers and more, the possibilities are endless!

Proud to be a BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) charter member 2011, they insist on all employees being trained to the highest BPMA standards and have been rewarded for their efforts by being named for several BPMA Awards. Companies can look to Outstanding Branding for innovative and unique products, delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner, so distribution can start immediately, and brands can begin enjoying the benefits of expanding awareness all the sooner.

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