How to keep staff motivational levels high 

What a small business can do to boost staff performance.

In any working environment, it can be difficult to recreate that initial feeling of enthusiasm that employees have for their work when they first join a company. Over time, when an employee has passed their probation period, for example, they may start to feel a little complacent which may be reflected in their performance results.

The passage of time can often dilute an employee’s enthusiasm for their job and this is where products, particularly reward schemes, come in and, if used correctly, can make a huge difference to performance as well as to staff morale. In order to achieve optimum results, the reward scheme must be run efficiently and fairly and, most importantly, the rewards on offer must be attractive to the employees for whom they are intended in order to give credibility to the scheme. A scheme that offers rewards that employees feel, at best, ambivalent about is doomed to fail as if the employees have no interest in achieving the reward on offer, they will feel no incentive to achieve maximum results and there may as well be no scheme in place.

The reward scheme offered by Trade Plan, which provides commercial van insurance, chauffeur insurance services and more, is run by One 4 All rewards, is a straightforward yet effective scheme where staff members are issued with a credit/debit style ‘multi-store’ card which gives the employer the option, when the have built up rewards points/values to use the card in a store of their choice from a list of 100s across the UK. The performance of staff is assessed on a weekly and monthly basis with employees in similar roles have their results compared to one another so that, ultimately, the top two performers can be rewarded. Assessment is based on a series of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and employees have the chance to earn up to £150 of rewards per month, introducing a healthy element of competition within the working environment.

Another attraction of the reward scheme offered by Trade Plan is a protected scheme, meaning that even if a company using a protected version of this reward scheme were to go into liquidation, staff may retain some, if not all, of the rewards they have accumulated. This would not, of course, be the case if the reward scheme were unprotected and employees would facing losing out, potentially, on quite a large scale.

Motivational levels are highly linked to morale, and morale in the workplace can be increased if employers feel valued, appreciated and respected. A good quality reward scheme is an excellent way to achieve these goals. Motivation products such as reward schemes are essential and form part of the whole package in achieving optimum results from employees. An incentive to work hard and achieve goals is much more likely to be present if the employee also has a personal goal to work towards and, especially, if the goal they are working towards is sought after and of significant value to the employee.


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