How to make a good first impression

Dressing to impress is key to succeeding in business according to a survey from advisory group Business Doctors.

Almost three-quarters of business leaders polled said that the way someone dresses can sway their opinion of them. For example, when choosing between a prospective business partner wearing a crisp, white shirt and clean-cut suit and one with braces, a blue tie and patterned socks, the vast majority of respondents would be likely to plump for the former.

However, it is of course important to have the ability to back up a good first impression as the survey also indicated that those business people who rely on gadgetry, such as palm pilots and flashy mobile phones, are not as successful as those who prefer old-fashioned brain power and hard work.

For those wanting some help in making a good first impression, Business Doctors has provided the following tips:

  • Appear confident and competent rather than trying to create an impression of perfection
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Be a good listener, people like and trust those who don’t only talk about themselves
  • Always use the name of the person you are talking to
  • A firm handshake creates the right impression – but don’t squeeze too hard as this signals that you are being too competitive
  • Smile when you talk about your business – people are more likely to believe you if you look as though you really believe in yourself and your business
  • Always use open, approachable body language – people warm to honesty and sincerity.

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