How to take a break and run a business

Here are the tools you should use to stay in touch with your business when on holiday.

There are many advantages to running your own business including flexible working hours. No one will reprimand you for a long lunch hour and you aren’t limited to a certain number of holiday days throughout the year. However, taking a break from running your business can be problematic as there is no one to take over the reins. With this in mind, here are four tips to help you take a break without your business going under.

Schedule social media content

You may be relaxing in a French villa with your feet up but thanks to the latest technology, no one but you needs to know about it. If you update your social media profiles regularly, use an automated service like Hootsuite or TweetDeck to schedule tweets and posts before you travel. This way, there won’t be a break in consistency and you can take a break without neglecting your customer base.

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Stay connected for free

As a business owner, it is almost impossible to switch off completely. For this reason, make sure when choosing a hotel or apartment that you have complimentary Wifi included in your stay. Having to search for a cafe or hotel that offers free internet services can play havoc with your holiday and checking emails abroad can cost you a fortune if you need to attend to a business issue while abroad. It may feel unnatural to be cut off completely from business matters, so put aside an hour each morning to check that everything is running smoothly. This will leave you free to enjoy the rest of your day.

Get tech savvy

Working abroad can become costly if you are in constant communication with clients back home. Give your clients an alternative way to contact you and download WhatsApp to save you money while ensuring you don’t miss that all important message. Apps like WhatsApp allow you to message for free as long as you are connected to Wifi. If you need to make a phone call, use Skype to check in with your clients for free. When you need to get in contact with clients fast, these Apps can ensure you can do so quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Delegate daily responsibilities

You may not have the time or the budget to hire an assistant to help you run your business while you are away but there are ways to outsource some of the larger duties without breaking the bank. Freelance websites like People Per Hour and Fiverr can put you in touch with business professionals who charge by the hour. You may not feel comfortable outsourcing all of your duties to a stranger who doesn’t know your company like you do, but this is a great way to attend to admin duties that require an expert touch.

As a business owner, taking a break even for a few days can be tricky. How do you take a guilt free break from your business?

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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