IES: Incentives must suit the workforce

Rewards given to staff for good performance must suit the attitudes and abilities of the workforce, the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) believes.

Dilys Robinson, a principal research fellow at the IES, explains that sales is one sector where incentives for staff work well.

However, the expert claims some professional occupations such as doctors or teachers could find incentives for good performance offensive.

She comments: ‘For some, the recognition of being employee of the month or having a weekend in Paris or something might be really great, but for other people it will feel slightly distasteful.’

Because of this, providing the right kind of incentive for the right group of people can be difficult to judge, Robinson remarks.

A recent poll carried out by the Trades Union Congress found almost one in four workers are dissatisfied with their job and one in three does not feel engaged by their employer.

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