How to improve your office workspace?

A new UK-wide survey has lifted the lid on what Britain’s workforce would change about their office space, given the chance.

A recent survey by the workplace consultants at Peldon Rose saw a fifth of workers admit that their office environment actually hinders their professional productivity, while more than half of job hunters say they would actually turn down a position if they didn’t like the workspace – so it’s clear that British workers place a lot of value in where they spend their working week.

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Thankfully, this new study by Tiles Direct could provide a blueprint for employers and managers who are ready to reinvent their workspace.

1,000 9-5 workers across the UK were asked whether office design influences their decision to accept a job – and more than a quarter of respondents (and a huge 61 per cent of 18-24 year olds) admit they make career decisions based on how a workplace looks.

Participants were then asked to dish the dirt on what’s missing from their working environment – and it looks like Britain’s workforce wants less oppressive office spaces above all else.

Taking 41 per cent of the vote, natural light was cited as the key ingredient that’s missing from UK offices – an addition that could see an increase in energy, happiness and productivity in the workplace.

With 26 per cent of the overall vote, making improvements to office break areas could give professional satisfaction across the UK a healthy boost.

Personalising the workplace

The results of this survey show that seemingly insignificant factors can actually have a dramatic impact on how we feel about our workspace – and atmosphere in particular plays a significant part, with 22 per cent of office workers calling for the power to personalise their work station.

Amenities are also on the agenda when it comes to improving UK offices, with 21 per cent of all Brits surveyed – and 29 per cent of women – revealing that access to an office coffee machine and water cooler would introduce a welcome perk to where they work.

Overhauling office design

Small, strategic changes could mean big improvements for working environments across the UK – as some Brits lay blame on less than luxurious office furniture and uninspiring workplace decor.

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With many office workers spending upwards of eight hours a day in their office chair, it’s no surprise that 18 per cent of respondents would like to trade in their furniture for more comfortable and ergonomic alternatives – while 16 per cent would welcome more colourful or engaging office design.

In light of this survey, one thing’s clear: Britain’s workforce has plenty of ideas when it comes to fine-tuning the office of the future.

Topline results

Respondents were asked to select one answer to the following question:

Does office design influence your decision to accept a job?

Yes: 25.3 per cent
No: 74.7 per cent

Respondents were then allowed to select multiple answers to the following question:

What would make your working environment better?

  • More natural light: 41.0 per cent
  • Better lunch/break area: 25.5 per cent
  • More personalised workspace: 22.0 per cent
  • Better amenities (e.g. coffee machine, water cooler): 20.5 per cent
  • Better office furniture: 17.6 per cent
  • Introduction of colour/art on the walls: 16.0 per cent

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