Improved access to government tenders

Ministers have announced plans aiming to make it easier for businesses to gain access to government contracts.

The measures have been outlined in a joint report from the Regulatory Impact Unit’s Public Sector Team and the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). The report is entitled ‘Making a Difference: Reducing Bureaucracy in Central Civil Government Procurement.’

The following five areas have been identified alongside and key actions put into place

– Speeding up the procurement process and reducing costs

– Improving leadership and client capability

– Improving communication with the market and in government

– Focusing on successful project outcomes

– Achieving more consistent use of best practice

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) welcomed the announcement, and says it is particularly happy with the aim to speed up the procurement process and reduce costs. If achieved, such an aim would allow small businesses to take advantage of the Government’s bought-in services and products.

“Reducing costs and increasing speed in the public procurement process will be good for small businesses. By ensuring such contracts are available to small businesses the government will ultimately reap the benefit given the job creation potential inherent in the small firms sector,” says Tina Sommer, FSB trade and industry chairman.

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