Infographic: Vouchers – the saviours of online shoppers

Think vouchers are just an afterthought companies use to promote their products? Think again.

As you can see in the following infographic vouchers account for a significant amount of sales each year. Read through the infographic if you want to find out just how online shopping is affected by the usage of vouchers. has done some research in the form of an infographic [see below], which reveals online shopping behaviour with the use of vouchers.

In the first section you’ll notice some interesting random stats regarding voucher usage. You might have thought that vouchers are rarely used, but in fact as many as 1 in 3 shoppers make use of them. And with good reason too, because it is estimated that voucher are able to increase customer satisfaction by as much as 4%.

Regarding the demographics of usage you’ll find that women use vouchers slightly more than men do. Also it is found that you are more likely to use vouchers as you get older. Then the infographic shows how vouchers are used across the different buying categories. You’ll see that many different categories allow the use of vouchers, but the more significant ones are beverages, personal care, household and health care. Then by far the most used voucher category is food.

The infographic also shows what the most popular voucher products are for each month. By taking a look at this calendar you can perhaps identify what products should be bought at particular times of the year.

Finally, the infographic shows that the trend of mobile phone voucher usage is rising rapidly. From 4% in 2010 to a now significantly increased 23% in 2015. 

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