Inspiring your team with curated chemistry

Inspiring your team to achieve your goals in paramount to your success. Here is how you can build chemistry within your team.

To inspire a natural chemistry within a team we need to help everyone in that team understand each other. Really understand each other.

Chemistry between two or more people is natural. Often we can get in the way of this organic chemistry simply by our judgement of others. As humans, we innocently really buy into this judging of other people thus creating negative energy within a team and workplace but also within ourselves as individuals.

In every aspect of life we often judge people. We judge them before we get to know them. We judge people based on one act they may have done, one thing they said or even one belief they have. We are very quick to judge people until we understand things from their perspective seeing things through their eyes.

We are all human, reacting to our own feelings and our thinking in the best way we see fit in that moment.

By understanding how our quick judgement, opinions and thinking affect our actions you can start to appreciate that without these thoughts we would love everything around us.

Set goals

Teams often have a joint goal, something they are all working towards. Whether that is the success of one project or the ongoing successes of a company, there will be a common goal. Everyone in your team shares a common purpose alongside the company goals – to do our best as individuals and for the team.

Even in challenging circumstances and times of tight deadlines and stress, reminding yourself and your team of your shared goals and common purpose will help keep the vibration high and your team’s chemistry tightened.

I see team challenges with my corporate clients all the time. Often these issues are from the chemistry they have or lack within their team environment. One client in particular, their two board members clash constantly yet retain an incredible relationship with one another. Even when they ardently disagree they continue to have a positive working relationship. This is simply due to the goodwill and respect they have towards the other person.

Conflict can be helpful

To remain innovative in your company, products and services, different views are needed, even necessary. To stay one step ahead of the competition these contrasting points of view are vital.

Having good working relationships with your team and colleagues does not mean pandering to each other and agreeing to anything that is proposed. Creating a good working relationship and environment means we maintain respect and high regard for each individual in spite of conflicting views.

Respect is something that is earned, you cannot just automatically deserve or receive this. Keep in mind that no one person in your team should do more than another. To ensure no animosity between team members the required contribution should be equal across the team.

Contrasting views and opinions does not necessarily mean you cannot create a positive relationship with that person. Consider your personal life where we regularly disagree with family and friends over politics, fashion and everyday mundane matters. Despite these disagreements we still surround ourselves with those people because we respect and love them. Having opposing views will not lead to a poor relationship with your team. If anything it can make your connection stronger because you respect that person despite your different opinions.

When we come up against other people’s differences in the workplace, and even in our personal lives, it is important to remember that they are responding to their own way of seeing the world. Reminding yourself that it is not a personal attack will help maintain a strong relationship and not let these quibbles come in the way of your work.

Guide your team

As a leader, nurturing your own team means leading by example. Leaders of teams at any level should set an example to the rest of the group and have complete goodwill to every member of their team. Even if you disagree with their views or their performance, a level of respect and cordiality should continue.

Being honest and transparent with your team is also imperative to have success as a leader. Honesty should be encouraged at every level within the team and even the company as a whole.

Hiring the right people who will fit into your team is imperative. While experience and qualifications are important, remember that their personality must also be considered. Making the wrong hiring decision can be toxic for your team.

Getting to know team members outside of work or away from your usual setting is a great way to connect with your colleagues. Even if you organise one lunch a month it is an easy and fast way to build relationships and curate chemistry within your team. Some of my clients often ban the talk of work and projects they are working on so the time is only spent getting to know one another thus creating a bond.

There are plenty of other ways to create a stronger connection with your team such as volunteering as a group in your work or free time.

You do not need to be the leader of the team to create chemistry within your group. Moods and motivation is infectious and everyone in the team has the ability to inspire others.

Regularly remind your team of your common goal and what you are all working towards short term as well as over the long term. Team goals should remain a higher priority than individual goals. Whilst people may be working individually it’s necessary to keep running as a single entity.

Chemistry within your team will lead to wins, both big and small. Often, the more success you have as a team will create more chemistry within the group.
You can even share your findings on human chemistry with your team… they will follow you!

Wyn Morgan is founder of Wynning Training.

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