Finding an ‘inspiring workplace’ is a priority for UK workers

New research finds that one in three employees see an inspiring workplace as a priority when they are hunting for a job.

New research from Sodexo Engage reveals one in three employees look for an inspiring workplace as a priority, while one in ten say it’s their highest priority. Given this is so important for so many workers, employers should consider whether they are doing enough to provide an inspirational working environment for their staff.

The research, which surveyed 1,000 employees’ on their top workplace preferences, provides some interesting insights for employers on how to create the ultimate workplace. Almost half of all employees (48 per cent) considered a good work/life balance as the number one priority they look for in a workplace. Recognition was also an important feature for more than a third of employees, with 36 per cent ranking an active recognition programme as a priority in the workplace, and half of this group saying it was their single highest priority.

In terms of the behaviours that staff wanted their employers to display, corporate social responsibility was selected as the most important, while one in five value a business that fostered a good team spirit.

As well as identifying what employees look for in a workplace, the research also reveals the biggest causes of demotivation at work. Thirty-nine per cent cited a lack of recognition or appreciation and 25 per cent named a bad manager as the greatest workplace demotivator.

Iain Thomson, director of incentives and recognition at Sodexo Engage, comments, ‘In an increasingly competitive jobs market, business leaders can’t afford to underestimate the importance of creating an inspiring workplace. These survey results clearly show how important this is for employees, so employers must take note if they want to attract and retain their industry’s best people. At a time when job hopping is increasingly common, it is essential that businesses start assessing what they can do to inspire their workforce. Creating a good work/life balance for employees and offering rewards that they truly value are just two of many ways they can achieve this.’

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