Insurance for business vehicles

Why not insuring your vehicles can open your business up to financial ruin.

Are you a business owner? Does your business use vehicles for business purposes? Have you got appropriate business vehicle insurance?

If you answered yes, yes and no to the three questions above, then you are opening up your business to the potential of financial devastation, as using vehicles for business purposes without appropriate business vehicle insurance can leave your business liable for any costs arising from a motoring accident caused by you or one of your employees. Furthermore, not only are you responsible for accidents involving delivery vans and accidents involving company cars, but you can also be held responsible for employees who drive their own cars for the purpose of attending any work related events that are held at a place other than their fixed place of work.

Taking out a business vehicle insurance policy will cover you against any damages to third parties (personal injury and property) that arise from a motoring accident caused by an employee or yourself. It should also cover you for any injury sustained by your employees in the crash and also any damage to your company vehicles and any vehicle you are using under a rental agreement. The policy can also cover you in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver, an unforeseen object or one that arises from unforeseen weather conditions. It’s easy to acquire insurance and companies such as offer a great service to their customers.

Great ways of keeping business vehicle insurance premiums down include giving consideration to the type of vehicle you buy in regard to engine size, make and model, providing adequate parking security in the workplace, increasing voluntary excesses and implementing and adhering to self-imposed mileage limits.

By taking out business vehicle insurance you will provide yourself with peace of mind, whilst also displaying to both customers and employees that are you safety conscious, which should enhance your reputation as an employer.

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