SMEs call for intelligent video surveillance to protect their properties

SME owners seek smarter video surveillance to tackle theft and loss as it emerges that legacy systems provide limited proof of crime.

A survey of small businesses in the UK discovers 84 per cent of retail, office and hospitality owners are looking for video surveillance with high resolution images and intelligent features such as remote monitoring to provide superior security for their premises.

Nearly all (85 per cent) also state that high quality and reliability would be important purchasing considerations when looking to invest in video surveillance.

The survey demonstrates a wide consensus amongst small business owners that current surveillance solutions in place are not viable to provide the necessary proof of crime at a time when the cost of shop theft is at an all-time high. It also reveals that new technology is sought to provide the required security level within their business.

Axis Communications carried out the survey to establish small business owners’ key challenges regarding video surveillance and how they believe it could be improved. In addition to stating that high quality images and the ability to access footage remotely on a smart phone or other device is desirable, 70 per cent also state that ease-of-use is also high on the agenda.

Technology is improving security

In light of accessible intelligent technology, 82 per cent of small business owners are considering new video surveillance technology for their premises to provide a more up-to-date solution.

The survey also demonstrates challenges currently faced by small business owners in regards to their existing video surveillance solutions. A number of factors are as unsatisfactory within their present set up including poor quality of images and difficulty of use.

These small business owners reported facing issues with their current video surveillance including ‘bad quality of system’, ‘lack of ability to monitor outside of premises’ and providing ‘limited proof of crime’. This feedback further confirms the desire for more intelligent surveillance solutions to help protect businesses and make staff feel safe.

Atul Rajput, regional director of Northern Europe, Axis Communications states, ‘Pioneering technology and the benefits that come with it shouldn’t be limited to corporate entities. With the help of dedicated IT and security installers, the network camera is becoming more accessible and affordable for the small business than ever before.

‘Many small business owners have an awareness that high quality, intelligent solutions are available and are looking for guidance as to how they can make the most of this to protect their premises and ultimately their bottom line. A rise in theft and the continued improvements in technology such as remote monitoring and high-quality images are only set to exacerbate this.’

Rajput continues, ‘As legacy video surveillance solutions become obsolete, we are witnessing a shift in the ways small businesses adopt new solutions. Once regarded as a standalone investment, many now consider IP cameras as a vital upgrade that forms a part of their larger IT infrastructure.

‘Along with this, users are also looking to remotely access live and pre-recorded video footage anytime and anywhere. The ultimate benefit of this is a solution that delivers information rapidly, cost-effectively and that can benefit from the latest applications as and when they become available.’

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Owen Gough, SmallBusiness UK

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