IRM: Virtual offices getting more accepted

Consumers are increasingly accepting of businesses running from virtual offices rather than bricks and mortar buildings, according to the Institute of Risk Management (IRM).

This is because with the spread of the internet, email, mobile phones and other communications technology, homeworking and out-of-office working are seen as more normal, Ian Fraser, IRM’s marketing manager, says.

He explains that there have been problems with firms which are without ‘bricks and mortar’ before.

‘Previously PO Box numbers and serviced offices would be used by fly-by-night businesses, which as a result tarred every legitimate business with the same brush,’ he remarks.

Nevertheless, they are increasingly being seen as a ‘normal’ way of working, he concludes.

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According to the IRM, having a virtual office can be good for business because it means work is less likely to suffer because of significant disasters such as fire or flood which can affect other companies.

Services in a typical virtual office package include a mailing address, telephone answering service and use of meeting rooms.

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