Top ten legal ways to earn extra money

Earning a little extra money on the side of your main business can be incredibly beneficial to owners - here is how you do it.

We are living in the age of consumerism. With the rise of economy production comes the increase in spending larger amounts of money. This causality between these two notions is forcing an increasing a number of people from all around the globe to explore new ways of enlarging their income, usually through all kinds of additional jobs, all in favour of maintaining the consumerist trend. With the constant growth of the internet, numerous new and diverse ways of making additional money have appeared. With the arrival of smartphones and apps, the possibility of cashing in your expertise has enlarged even more. All of this, combined with good money management could definitely help your financial life!

Private tutoring

The first way of enlarging your income is giving private lessons in your field of expertise. The trend that has exploded in the last couple of years is online English teaching. A large number of companies (for example Bibo, Amarilis ABC, etc.) are hiring more and more people for online English private lessons, mostly through Skype. Their customers are usually from the Far East countries. Some of them require certificates (Cambridge, TOEFL, etc.), but some don’t. Those that don’t are commonly making the selection of new employees through preparatory Skype interviews.

Complete simple tasks and earn money

The next upcoming trend in making extra cash are sites and apps that provide you a possibility of earning through completing some simple tasks, for example reading e-mails, taking surveys or clicking on the ads. But one should be careful with choosing the right site (or app). Before one takes his choice, he should be well informed through blogs and forums, because a solid percent of these sites are nothing but fraud schemes.

Multi-level marketing

Multi-level marketing (commonly known as MLM) is a third possibility for some extra money in your pocket. For those not familiar with the term, MLM is a marketing strategy with the pyramidal organisation. That means next: the more people one drags into the MLM, and the higher their sales are, the more money he/she earns.

But, it is not as simple as it sounds.

The main catch is that those people, commonly known as referrals, have to make constant sales to create a constant income for the person that introduced them to the job. The second catch is that, according to data from the forums, the money doesn’t come instantly. One has to patiently work and wait for average 3 to 6 months in order to start earning some solid figures. So, this is definitely not the choice for those who are searching for quick profit.

Affiliate Marketing Concept

This concept is very simple and especially useful for bloggers. All one needs to do is to register for some program and become an affiliate. Then, the next step is to write an article, for example, a review for a particular gadget and to place the link towards the selling site for that gadget below the article.

If someone purchases that reviewed gadget, an affiliate would get a fee, depending on the size of the sale itself. There are many programs organised like this, the most popular and used ones are for example Amazon’s Affiliate Program, Google’s AdSense program, etc. according to some forums, one can make serious money out of these programs.

This type of marketing is extremely popular in the world of online casinos. Nowadays, many affiliate sites offer free casino games and reviews, and direct players to real casinos based on which they get a certain money percentage.


Freelancing as a term stands for self-employment. This is the fastest growing trend, especially among the younger population. One can work as a freelancer independently or can sometimes be represented by some organisation or company that acts as a mediator between the freelancer and the client. Up-work is the current leader in connecting employers and freelance employees.

Free my apps

A concept invented by the Fiksu company, it quickly forced its way on the apps market. It is also a simple concept; all one has to do is to discover and install new apps, and by doing that, he is collecting credits, which can later, when the needed amount of acquired credits is reached, be exchanged for various gift cards. Those gift cards could be sold or used for online purchase.

Apps development

This job is for those who have college or any other form of education in apps developing field; there is a way to earn extra cash through placing them on iTunes or Google Play store, for free or not. Google Play even has its developer tool, which eases the job lot for the developers.


There is no need to talk about Youtube a lot because everyone is familiar with the concept and uses it at least once a day. But, this website also has a great potential for earning extra cash. The trick is that you not only have to create a channel, but to acquire as many followers as possible, in order to provide as many views of your content.

The number of views and followers determines the amount of the income. The ideas for channel content are countless, so it’s all up to your creativity and uniqueness.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Tweeter, as three leading social platforms can also be used as a tool for making money. The first thing to notice is that they are excellent marketing tools for promotion of any kinds of products, events, etc. the trick is to have as many friends (or followers) as possible, and to find all the info, tips and tricks of how to maintain your profile regularly. This is extremely helpful when using your profile for monetising through product placement.

Foreign exchange market

Foreign exchange market or Forex trading stands for the trading of currencies. It is the largest financial market in the world, all because of our constant need for currencies. So, for the ones feeling capable of immersing into this world, one is certain, the money earned can reach some serious figures. However, you have to be patient, hardworking and before all that, well informed about this concept of trading. The mitigating circumstance is that some sites offer a free training period, in which one gets a certain amount of money for trading and practicing.

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