24th March | 12:30pm GMT

87% of the UK workforce now want to work more flexibly, and the pandemic has shifted the way businesses need to attract and retain talent. Gender diversity is still a boardroom issue and the gender gap isn’t closing fast enough.

Companies now have an opportunity to evolve and become more innovative, inclusive and productive in their recruitment. Remote working and more flexibility means that employers can leverage a greater pool of talent – but where do they start?

With our fantastic and diverse panel we will be covering all the dos and don’ts of recruitment in 2021 and why the future is flexible.

What we’ll cover on this webinar:

  • Biggest recruitment challenges in 2021
  • Improving gender diversity and reducing unconscious bias with Al
  • Sustaining start-up growth with a part-time hire
  • Why flexible working is for men too
  • Today’s remote working landscape
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Meet the panel