London Fitzroy Hospital

Examining the history of an historic hospital.

Examining the history of an historic hospital.

In the bustling city of London, just off the Euston Road between Great Portland Street and Warren Street tube station, lies the celebrated Fitzroy Square Hospital (formerly known as St Luke’s). The hospital itself has a rich and interesting history that only enhances the building’s notorious reputation. It is this exact hospital which is set to become the prime location for cosmetic surgery in the UK. 

It was back in 1904 when two houses in Fitzroy Square were required and their renovations began. The first of the two houses was opened by Queen Alexandra, followed by the second which was rebuilt and opened by Queen Mary in 1923. 

The hospital has had many royal visits throughout the years and has remained a favoured and popular hospital to the royal family. Fitzroy Hospital attained a special visit from Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 1957. Princess Alexandra celebrated in the hospital’s 70th anniversary in 1977 and Her Royal Highness returned to revisit in 1992 to participate in its centennial celebrations. 

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St Luke’s underwent major refurbishment and redevelopment which took one year to complete in 1994. On the 17th January, just after the redevelopment of the establishment, The Archbishop of Canterbury rededicated the Hospital. It was then re-opened on the 8th March by the Queen.

The hospital underwent more extensive refurbishment in 2007 which cost a massive £3.7 million. The hospital quickly became one of the most up-to-date and best equipped hospitals in London and the United Kingdom.

St Luke’s Hospital was acquired by the General Healthcare Group (GHG) in 2009, to go into their BMI Healthcare portfolio. The major and minor operating theatre hospital was then re-named BMI Fitzroy Square Hospital. On the 28th February 2014, MYA, one of the leading cosmetic surgery companies in the UK, leased the entire facility for 21 years and are now the current owners of the hospital.

MYA will be moving their activity to their new flagship London location soon. Some work still needs to be done to ensure that the clinic will be a productive place that offers excellent service and experience for their patients including fully equipping and making the hospital functional. CQC registration and recruiting key clinical personnel will all contribute into making the London Fitzroy Hospital the prime location for the MYA clinic.

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