Making a career in the online gaming industry

Ever thought about how you could be an online games tester and spend all day playing games? Then read this article to find out more.

Online gaming is one of the most lucrative businesses on the net. Everyone enjoys playing a good game, providing a distraction from the stressors of life. Yet most people who are seeking employment neglect to consider working for the online gaming industry. There are thousands of people working to keep the gaming websites running smoothly. You can begin in development, before a new gaming site has been launched. There are many career opportunities in this exciting field, so why settle for working in a regular office?

Before a game is launched on the web a team of developers will turn a gaming idea into a fully functioning online game. There are some great opportunities for programmers. Often many are able to telecommute, so you don’t have to be in the same city that the company is in. You may want a career making video games but don’t disregard working for one of the many online casinos such as M88 Casino.

Have you ever thought about how you could be an online games tester and spend all day playing games? You won’t actually be playing games all day — you’ll have to submit reports to the developers — but it can still be a great career.

There are many other careers in the field of online gaming. You could be a writer who presents storyboards to the development team, or a graphic artist who designs the graphics for the game. Games may need animation.

The online gaming industry also needs support staff. If their office is in your city you could work in administration to keep the company functioning, or in IT to keep the computers and servers working. A marketer may be required to provide advertising materials about the company, and to promote the business through online ads and social media.

Providing online and telephone support to customers is also a necessary vocation. These people provide support for customers who may have questions about the game, or they may have difficulty with a method of payment. They may also need technical support when the game glitches, or doesn’t work properly. This support may be provided by telephone, through an online messaging service, or through email support. Support staff may be required to provides notes to a central database, so that should the customer contact them again, they can provide a follow up.

The types of careers for the online gaming industry are numerous. Can your skills provide a fit for an online game company who is seeking personnel? A career with some of the most popular online gaming companies may provide a lucrative income for you, and be more exciting than working for a business down the street.

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Ben Lobel

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