Marketing strategies for small businesses

Every business, whether it is big or small requires a marketing strategy that is built around the core values of the business.

Any small business needs to deliver their marketing plan on a very tight budget. For that, it is important to plan each and every detail of the marketing campaign so that it is possible to capture all the requirements on a small budget.

This helps to focus on the objective and achieve the marketing goals of the business. There are various ways to deliver your marketing plan; some of them are costly, while others are significantly cheap and cost effective, and lastly, you can implement some free marketing initiatives.

There is electronic media marketing that is costly and takes time, and then there is print media marketing, through newspapers or through brochures and flyers, which can still be costly but the budget can be controlled. Then there is social media marketing which is generally free and offers a variety of platforms to communicate with your audience.

When using flyers or brochures for marketing, it is important to focus on the design and colour scheme. It is also important to use good quality paper to print flyers and brochures.  While designing flyers, adding too much colour and various fonts is not always a good idea. Making a colourful flyer may help to make it stand out but overdoing will not. People also add too much information on a small space. If there are offers or coupons for customers, the information about those should be added on the flyer. Brochures are also important, especially for those businesses that experience a lot of traffic. Office staff can give these brochures to clients so that they are informed about the services and products offered by the company.

It is also important to keep in mind what kind of traffic the business is trying to attract. Make sure your message, design, and brand identity is closely aligned to your primary target audience. If the business is about women’s clothing, then make sure the marketing strategy focuses on women, their needs, and requirements.

Marketing is ever-changing, so staying one-step ahead of your competition is crucial. Creating an economy of scope, offering similar but different products is important to many small businesses so they can compete with larger companies.

With new product development often based on customer demand, we have worked hard to communicate bespoke and targeted messaging around these products to the right audience. Throughout all this, and an important lesson for any business, no matter how big or small, is staying true to your values.

Focus on product development built around customer demand, and then communicate a targeted message around these products to your target audience. Many small businesses can differentiate themselves from the larger competitors by staying true to the business’ core values, so make sure you know what these are and build your marketing strategy around them.

Jonathan Sumner

Jon Sumner

Jonathan was the Director of Digital & Social Media at Bonhill Group plc until 2020 before moving on to become Chief Digital Officer at GRC World Forums.

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