How MSPs can help healthcare businesses

When the Wannacry virus hit the UK in 2017, it affected more than 300,000 computers, including systems at 81 health centers across England. It was among the deadliest of recent cyber calamities in the UK and also involved complete destruction digital servers.

The good thing was that the many hospitals had already transitioned from paper-based record keeping to secure and encrypted electronic databases for its patients. This data protection was a huge help in setting back things into place.

Today, every other organisation is realising the need to transit to electronic databases and for healthcare businesses; MSPs (Managed Service Providers) have become the best bet.

They don’t just allow for anytime access and data protection but also save a lot of money when it comes to record keeping and access. There are pretty many ways how MSPs are relevant today and include:

Saving labor

Electronic automation for patient database helps replace the manually exhausting task of record keeping. It is important to remember that we are talking about databases that are highly interconnected and consequently are intensive – a task that has been simplified with the use of MSPs.

Improved consistency and quality

Human errors are not avoidable when we are talking about medical record keeping. Clerical errors however often lead to the wrong treatment and even research.

Mechanical record keeping, on the other hand, eliminates these errors and thus improves consistency – a factor that is crucial to the healthcare business. A case study on MSP in healthcare also revealed an increase in the overall productivity of the staff.

Reducing waste

Manual record keeping in papers also created a lot of waste and electronic records is certainly a more eco-friendly way of going about things.

Rather than using papers, you have electronic records that can be accessed anytime and with ease. You wouldn’t have to go about searching for the right file belonging to a patient. One click over the patient’s name reveals it all.

More predictable outcomes

Electronic record keeping standardised the procedure and makes it easier for both doctors and patients. Tracking someone’s condition is easier and helps intervene as necessary on time.

Better turnout

With MSPs, doctors can now handle more patients simultaneously using advanced tools. Further, a common platform for all records increases the flexibility and scalability of healthcare professionals.


Lastly, with MSPs, a huge volume of data is recorded along with long loops of feedback, helping hospitals, clinics and practitioners improve facilities and thus their performance. The information is also useful in research that brings new technologies into the healthcare industry.

The power of MSP will certainly help boost healthcare industry performances in the coming years. It helps take care of many significant complexities associated with the industry. Simple solutions like cloud have redefined the way we are treated.

The results are faster diagnosis, improved medicines, faster processing of medical insurances and the like. MSPs offer a customised list of solutions depending on the kind of healthcare business one is associated in. The needs are different and so are the solutions.

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