What you need to negotiate chauffeur insurance

We look at what what you need to know about starting your own chauffeur business, including risks and negotiating a deal on your insurance.

If you’re bored with your old job and dream of starting a business, a chauffeur service is not a bad idea. Be it a single limousine or a fleet, you will be the sole owner of the business.

To start such a business your basic requirements should be capital and contacts. Once those are sorted, you are ready to explore the bylanes of the business.

What should you think about?

Making a profit out of a chauffeur business may not be as easy as it apparently seems. There are a lot of risks you will have to consider.

“An insurance policy is something that is a combination of smart investment and protection”

The list is topped by the damage you car or fleet can incur. Fixing a Merc or a Jag will cost you more than you can imagine, and it is quite a blow for a newborn business. Second on the list comes the third party charges, although no one likes to think of such a scenario. Meeting with an accident involving another person or car is not that unlikely on the road and the lawsuits invited by those incidents are strong enough to close the doors of your business forever.

Good investment is the key concept if you want to stay on the north on the profit line for good.

What is a good investment?

Reliable cars, bodywork, fixing glitches in the engine and hiring experienced drivers are of course wise investment moves. But an insurance policy is something that is a combination of smart investment and protection.

Any far-sighted business owner with a love for their blooming business would opt for the right kind of coverage that agrees to pay for the damage caused to the car as well as a good part of the legal expenses in case of a third party damage.

What is a good chauffeur insurance?

Firstly, look for specialist insurance schemes, since they are much more specific. This means you can find the cover best suited for your vehicle or fleet at a much smaller price. Look for inclusion of immediate cover, claims service, replacement vehicle and flexible payment options. Know what you need before you demand them.

How to get your hands on a good but cheap chauffeur insurance?

The Internet bridges the gap between demand and supply. It is essential that you browse through your options before you decide on one.

Window shopping for insurance policies have been beneficial in the past and shall continue to do so. Then evaluate your vehicle, its safety issues and the likelihood of accidents due to the vehicle’s fault.

Fixing those minute problems can cut down the premium cost a lot. Individual cover is good if you a looking towards insuring a single car; however, for a fleet it is always cheaper to opt for a fleet insurance.

The cardinal rule of chauffeur insurance is to pay in bulk, annually and avoid monthly payment. Not only does it avoid the risks of missing a payment but also diminishes the costs considerably.

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