5 interesting ideas for your October press releases

What should you be focusing your press releases on this October? Simran Ghata-Aura of Journolink shares her ideas.

It’s almost October – a month associated with leafy trails and spooky surprises. If you’re struggling for seasonal press release inspiration, here are five ideas to stir the pot (or cauldron).


Boo! Halloween will be popular for businesses and retailers during October.

This is a great month for you to get creative with the creepy, eerie, horror theme. Clothing, decor, music and food will be on people’s minds and whether you want to go strong or subtle, there are many ways to get involved.

Journalists working on product-based articles will want to hear about special offers and promotions you have for Halloween. If you’re a food or clothing brand – or perhaps you’re hosting a fancy-dress themed event – let your audience know.


It’s autumn, so the nights are getting longer, the weather is getting chillier and there’s pumpkin spice in just about everything.

Have you got anything seasonally-appropriate for the autumn? Make sure to let your audience know if you have made any seasonal changes or additions to your range such as new food, drinks, clothing collections or even the addition of some autumn decor in your retail space.

Sober October

It’s Sober October this month so many people will be going without the booze to raise money, possibly even your business. If you sell any alcohol alternatives or are introducing any special offers or promotions, mention this in a press release as abstainers will be looking for options.

Black History Month

October is also Black History Month – a time to commemorate African and Caribbean communities and their achievements throughout history.

Write up a press release if you’re planning a celebration. Alternatively, if you’re a black business owner, share your business story and put yourself forward as a spokesperson or case study. Journalists may be looking for interesting stories from black business owners to feature during this month.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month many businesses will be getting involved by promoting and donating to the cause.

You could be wearing pink in support, raising money to donate or have special events lined up to help raise awareness. Include relevant statistics and case studies in your press releases and if you’re targeting a regional or local publication, try and make your research as focused on that area as possible.

October is a busy month, so make sure you utilise the key events taking place and incorporate these into your PR strategy.

As a business, writing interesting press releases that get picked up by the media helps strengthen your business brand, so make sure you’re on top of this.

Simran Ghata-Aura is the media relations officer at Journolink.

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Simran Ghata-Aura

Simran Ghata-Aura is the media relations officer at Journolink.

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