Office Halloween party ideas for your small business

Here are some great ideas to incorporate into your office Halloween party.

A mainstay festival in the US, Halloween has arguably become more a more popular event in the UK in recent years in a globalised world. Here, we look at some ideas for your spooky office party.

Dress up

This is a bit of an obvious one for Halloween, but incorporating a dress-up theme, whether it is an afternoon at work or you are organising a special event for your Halloween party, you have to include a dress up theme! And it has to be something scary.

You could even include a prize for the best dressed to encourage people to really make more of an effort. For those more corporate and conservative office environments, dressing up at work might not be suitable, so read on for some other ideas that could

Spook-tacular buffet

A buffet is a great addition to any party, and doing Halloween themed food and drinks in there can ensure the theme runs right through each bit of your Halloween party. For the menu why not include cocktail sausage severed fingers covered in tomato ketchup as fake blood? Or even some pickled onions in a jar as eyes, and some simpler foods like spaghetti guts. To drink it’s got to be some poisoned punch!

Decorate the office

As well as putting the normal Halloween decorations up around the office, depending on the design of your office you could even allow individual employees to decorate their desks to really get on board with the theme! From fake cobwebs to plastic spiders, pumpkins, ghosts and other spooky décor, it’s the ideal way to create a Halloween atmosphere to get everyone in the festive mood and create the right environment for your office Halloween party.

Pumpkin carving contest

This one might get a little messy so you might need to designate a special area of the office, or if you have a big enough canteen area do it in there with protection! Pick a theme or just let your staff’s creativity run wild with their pumpkin carving creations and instead of lighting them with candles (fire safety!) you could always pick out some electric tea lights instead to recreate the glow!

Party games

To really spook up your Halloween office party include some classic party games to get the whole office involved. Whether it’s apple bobbing, or even a Halloween themed quiz, you can’t go wrong with a bit of fun team-building activities that get everyone involved in the festivities.

If you are looking to organise an office Halloween party, it’s a good idea to let your employees have an input into the activities. This will help build team morale and get them more involved in the overall party spirit.

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Ben Lobel

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