Olympics ‘will benefit SMEs’

The 2012 Olympic Games will have a huge impact on businesses from all over the UK, not just London, it has been claimed.

Minister of the Olympics Tessa Jowell has promised that businesses will be helped to get involved in the games, saying that the Olympics’s success depends on the cooperation of business.

She adds: ‘The government is absolutely determined to ensure that UK businesses, particularly SMEs, have the support they need, to successfully compete for, and win, contracts.’

Jowell promises that there will be £6 billion of contracts open to businesses of all sizes.

Representatives from the Olympics organisational committee will be attending the 2008 Confederation of British Industry Business Summit on 11 June to explain more about the opportunities available.

The government recently opened up the supply2 website for small business to make access to public contracts easier.

UK companies ready for Olympics

As the countdown to the Games slips under 40 days, UK businesses are making preparations to lessen the possible impact of the event, new findings show.

Statistics from computer networking business Cisco shows that 36 per cent of those questioned as part of its ‘Games ready’ survey feel ‘totally prepared’ for London 2012. A further 46 per cent have some plans in the works but still feel there is more to do.

Further findings from the survey reveal that, on the subject of working policies, 42 per cent already have existing flexi-time policies in place that are set to operate as normal during the Games.

However, some 34 per cent of companies are not planning to change business work hours to avoid travel problems that may arise. An additional 36 per cent are planning to re-deploy staff, alter shifts and book temporary staff.

In a move to embrace the sporting event, 36 per cent will allow staff to watch sports together at work, while 30 per cent are going the other way and not making any changes.

When questioned about logistics and IT systems, 38 per cent are planning to increase stock holding with suppliers and 53 per cent are investing in IT security and upgrading protection.

Neil Crockett, managing director at Cisco London 2012, comments, ‘It is promising to see that over a third of the companies we surveyed feel totally prepared for the London 2012 Games.

‘Organisations need to think about several areas of their business to ensure they are business ready – from evaluating their network infrastructure to preparing for flexible working through effective collaboration technology.’

The survey by Cisco canvassed the opinions of 200 businesses in the UK.

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