How to organise the best office Christmas party Ever

Christmas is not yet around the corner – there are still a couple of months to go. However, if you think you can stall your planning and delay your efforts to get everything organised, you may be setting yourself up for a stressful time later. If you’re in charge of the party, start early and save yourself a big hassle – you’ll notice things will go a lot smoother.

It’s often a task that gets more difficult and complicated as the big day arrives, simply because the closer you get to the date, the more caterers have their hands full, and less help can be found. Are you thinking about having an office Christmas party? Here’s how to organise the best office Christmas party ever.

Set the date

On a social scale, Christmas is a very busy period – so make sure you plan it in advance so everyone is aware and has no excuse not to show up. Of course, you may not want to schedule it on Christmas Eve or Christmas day itself, as the staff and employees will have their own plans with the kids and family. Go around the office and poll some potential dates; employees always value when their input is required.

Set the budget

How much money can you spend? And how many people do you expect to show up? Can you have the party within the premises, or do you need to find a venue outside? What kind of food and drink is expected? Getting your budget straight will immediately determine what you can afford and what your limitations might be.

Set the theme

It’s a Christmas party, so of course some green and red colours are expected. However, you needn’t narrow it down too much – you could come up with some great theme (think of vintage, the 60’s, the 70’s, a film-inspired theme or a futuristic theme). It may actually bring team spirit in line with your company’s vision if you handle it right. If you think you need help, you can always count on professional organisers, Christmas parties by Moonlight & Mistletoe have received great reviews.

Set the venue

For this, your budget and the number of guests are most important but don’t forget transportation requirements, parking spaces, and basic amenities such as washing rooms and smoking areas.

Set the food

You may need to ask around for dietary requirements, and doing a poll is always a great idea.

There are other things to think of: there’s the music, and not everyone enjoys the same drinks. Are there going to be speeches, and if so, in what order and for how long? How will guests be officially invited? Luckily, if you’re ahead of the game, you can find out all these things in advance, and your party is sure to be a success. Plan ahead – make it easy on yourself.

Jonathan Sumner

Jon Sumner

Jonathan was the Director of Digital & Social Media at Bonhill Group plc until 2020 before moving on to become Chief Digital Officer at GRC World Forums.

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