A brief overview of affiliate marketing

Here, we take a look at a brief overview of affiliate marketing and how this can help your business thrive in the modern world.

Affiliate marketing provides a passive income for many people with thousands of newbies setting themselves up and earning money by promoting others products whether that is goods or services.
Being able to do just one piece of a business like promoting on a website of blog is far easier than creating and then managing the whole product, and this is what appeals to so many people.

If we take a look at mobile casinos as an example of a service that can be promoted on either a website or blog, the circle basically goes like this:

As an affiliate you would promote the mobile casino on either a blog or website.

When a customer clicks on the link and goes through to the mobile casino this is called click and convert. Conversions are then tracked

As an affiliate you get commission (usually previously agreed upon)

So then, affiliate marketing is about making commission by promoting others services or products, in this case, mobile casinos, without having any form of ownership. The affiliate gets paid by the company to encourage the general public to buy into the service or product.

The affiliate marketing advertiser is the company (or person) who pays other people to help sell the products or services.

The advertiser is responsible for letting his presence be known on the web in order to sell the products or services so the overall action plan is initiated by the advertiser. Affiliate marketing usually has a fixed rate or cost, and the advertiser can easily keep a list of his publishers who are supposed to be bringing him business.

The affiliate marketing publisher is either a company or a person who promotes the services or products, and will then get paid in the form of a commission.

Publishers are the ones that add the links, logos or banners on his website or blog. These links will be provided by the advertiser. Links can also be added to social media sites to further encourage the potential consumers to click on the link.

The publisher makes sure that any links that are added work well and connect through to the relevant website.

The customer is the individual who sees the content, reads it, and then clicks the link through to the relevant website, and then (if we look at mobile casinos) decides to play.

Obviously the above is a very brief layout of affiliate marketing, and there are things that have to be put into place before you can begin making money. As in all things doing your research is vital before considering any new enterprise.

Finally, like any other venture, the more work and time you put into it, the more lucrative in the long run it will turn out to be.

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