Peer-to-peer training is ‘a great way to learn’

Peer-to-peer training offers a great way for employees to learn in a non-threatening way, but the benefits are not widely known, says an expert.

John Grange, a Business Link advisor, states this form of training is an ideal way for staff to learn from one another.

He says: ‘It’s a great way for people to come together, communicate and share experiences and learn from it, in a non-threatening way.’

Grange adds the benefits of this type of training, which brings non-competing business leaders together in a forum, have not been publicised greatly.

‘I think there will be a number of businesses to which it is not known this is available and very beneficial,’ he states.

Grange adds companies need to go into the training with an open mind and may have to seek such opportunities out.

The National Employer Skills survey recently found 35 per cent of employers have a budget for training and almost half have a training plan.

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