Why periodic employee screening is important

It is important for employers to check every candidate before recruiting. How do businesses go about screening employees?

You’ve probably heard of the importance of conducting background checks before hiring workers to your organisation. Such checks help you weed out unqualified and unfit individuals who may not add value to your organisations. They help you identify criminal elements who may interfere with the working environment in your organisation should they make it past the interview stage. With all these benefits, you have made such screening checks a critical part of your recruitment process and this has enhanced your workplace environment.

But is that it? Should this be the end of your employee screening processes? Definitely not! Employee screening should be a continuous effort and this article takes a look at some of the reasons why that is the case.

1. To identify cheats

Unfit employees may make it past the pre-employment screening stage and it is only with further screening later on that you will be able to nab them. Most employers hire private investigation firms to conduct such checks and sometimes their searches may not yield the best results for one reason or another. Negligence and corruption are some of the factors that may interfere with the outcome of pre-employment background checks as such, organisations may end up with unqualified workers.

Employers should, therefore, conduct periodic screening of their current employees so as to identify the members who used illegal means to make it past the interview stage. Such checks will help you clean up your workforce and only retain those who are fit to serve in your firm. Click here to find a credible firm for your employee screening needs.

2. People change

You may have hired the best employees with clean records but there is no guarantee that such people will remain the same. Your once great employees may get into all manner of mischief and this may interfere with their ability to deliver at work. Some take up drugs, gambling and other activities that you don’t expect of your employees and it is only with regular employee screening that you will be able to find this out.

The reasons for behaviour change are varied such as hanging out with the wrong company or unfortunate events in one’s life like the loss of a loved one but the employees are advised to seek help within the organisation or elsewhere when such things happen. Employees are the face of any organisation and you may find losing valuable clients as a result of poor employee behaviour.

3. To comply with industry regulations

Some industries require employers to periodically screen its employees so as to ensure that they are fit to continue offering services within the industry. These industries include security, healthcare, credit reporting, finance and any other industry where the workers deal with a vulnerable population.

Such checks are necessary so as to ensure quality standards and the best operation within the industries. Since those receiving services in such industries are vulnerable, these checks meant to protect them by keeping the workers on their toes and discouraging worker laxity.

4. When handing out promotions

It is only fair for employers to reward hardworking members of their workforce with promotions. Before handing promotions within the organisation, employers are advised to screen the employees so as to determine if they are worthy of the elevated position in the organisation. Promotions usually entail more responsibility and access to confidential company information and as such, employers must thoroughly screen potential candidates before handing them the keys to the organisation’s secrets.

From the screening, you will be able to tell whether the candidates for promotion have conducted them in the right manner from the time they got employed till present. It will also reveal any criminal activity that they might have gotten themselves into such as gambling and drug abuse when working in your organisation.

Promotions are usually handed out to those who have furthered their education and screening your current employees will reveal those that have made the effort to enhance their skills and academic qualifications.


Screening workers before hiring is an important task that will help you hire only the best individuals into your workforce. Employers, however, should not just stop there. They should periodically screen the current workers so as to keep their workplaces safe and conducive to business operations.

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