Remote working continues to grow in popularity among small businesses

Half of all employees now work out of the office at least once a week with more than one in four working out of the office every day, research finds.

When working outside the office, many participants undertake a variety of in-depth tasks that require particular time to focus and think clearly. Fifty per cent of respondents use the time away from office to work on their finances, whilst 17 per cent use the time to complete planning.

Some 15 per cent of people work while commuting on the bus or train, according to research of 1,000 company owners conducted by business software provider Sage.

Furthermore, one in 20 have now made the great outdoors their office, having completed work either up a mountain or on a beach.

While the standard location for remote working may be considered coffee shops or internet cafes, some remote workers report unusual settings for their endeavours, with one respondent working from a cow barn and another firing up their laptop at a rifle range.

The research suggests that time away from the office positively impacts productivity, with more than half of respondents saying they are more or equally productive out of the office as in the office.

The increase in remote working is being underpinned by faster broadband speeds and better IT infrastructure enabling business people to access their critical business information wherever they are, when they need it over the internet.

Steve Attwell, managing director for Sage’s small and medium business division says, ‘Mobile working has broken down the barriers to business and the traditional confines of an office are a thing of the past.

‘Thanks to proliferation of mobile devices and sophisticated software solutions accessible on any device, people have the freedom to choose where they run their business – be it the boardroom, bedroom or a hilltop.’

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