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Here, we introduce the benefits of each of the products in the 3M respirator range.

Here, we introduce the benefits of each of the products in the 3M respirator range. 

3MTM Welding Respirators 

The 3M welding fume respirators provide lightweight and comfortable protection against dust, mist, metal fumes and ozone. 

To help withstand tough environments, the mask has been developed with a robust shell and cup design, is collapse-resistant and flame-retardant. 

The 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve efficiently removes heat build-up for a cooler and more comfortable wear and helps to prevent misting of eyewear. 

The respirators have been developed with a carbon layer providing protection against ozone gas and relief from nuisance odours. 

There is a cleanable soft seal ring for extra durability and comfort. 

3M™ Aura™ 9300+ Series Respirators

The 3M™ Aura™ 9300+ Series Respirators are packed with groundbreaking ideas, technology and materials to help improve wearer comfort and protection. 

The innovative filter technology helps wearers breathe more easily resulting in a breathing resistance that’s up to 75 per cent better than the standard requirements. 

The respirators have been designed to work well with safety spectacles and have a specially-sculpted nose panel to improve compatibility. 

An embossed pattern which reduces air flow through the top panel has been added so air exits through other panels, reducing misting of eyewear. 

The valved models additionally feature a 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve to reduce the chances of misting further and improve comfort by allowing warm, moist exhaled air out of the mask. 

The three-panel design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes. 

The soft nose foam and smooth inner cover web feels soft and comfortable on the skin. 

For added convenience, the 3M™ Aura™ 9300+ Series Respirators are flat folded and hygienically wrapped, allowing them to be carried and stored easily. 

The respirators are well suited to a variety of workplaces and offer safety and comfort for your team without compromise. 

3M™ 8300 Series Respirators

The 3M™ 8300 Series Respirators have been designed to set new benchmarks in wearer comfort and durability. 

The M-shaped noseclip allows the wearer to quickly and easily mould the respirator around the nose for increased comfort and a secure fit. 

Breathing is made easier with the 3MTM Advanced ElectretTM Filter Media used across the entire series. 

Misting of eyewear is minimised with the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve featured on certain models. The valve efficiently removes heat build-up for a cooler and more comfortable wear. A robust outer shell has been specially designed to make the series more durable. 

In addition, the cushioned inner lining provides a comfortable fit to the face. 

The 8300 Series respirators offer safety, comfort and durability without compromise. 

3M™ 7500 Series Half Masks

The 3M™ 7500 Series Half Masks provide unrivalled levels of comfort, durability and quality. 

All masks have a unique 3M bayonet attachment system to which you can attach a variety of twin lightweight filters to protect against gases, vapours and particulates. It can also be used in conjunction with the 3MTMS-200+ Supplied Air Regulator. 

Maintaining a cool and comfortable wear is essential so the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve is designed to reduce breathing resistance and effectively remove heat build-up

The masks include a drop down feature for added convenience and comfort between jobs. 

The head harness provides a stable fit, good adjustability and works well with 3MTM Safety Helmets.

The 3M™ 7500 Series Half Masks incorporate a soft silicone facepiece for added comfort and durability. The 3M™ 7500 Series Half Masks set a new standard in comfort and protection making them a bestselling line. 

3M™ 4000 Series Respirators

This 3MTM 4000 Series Maintenance Free Reusable Respirators offer effective and comfortable protection against a wide-range of respiratory hazards. The built-in gas, vapour and particulate filters make this a versatile one-piece maintenance-free mask with no need for filter replacement between uses. 

This mask has a low-profile design to give a clear field of vision and a better view of the task in hand. 

The 4000 series all feature a centrally position exhalation valve to remove heat and moisture more effectively for improved comfort.

The respirators can be reused until the filters become clogged or the wearer can taste or smell the gas/vapour inside the mask. If disposed of within one month, they don’t require any maintenance records. 

The respirator is designed to be stored in its resealable packaging between uses, helping to keep it clean and ready for re-use.

For painting applications the 3M™ 400 Overspray Guard can be used to help prolong the life of the filters. 


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