How to save money on your small company with these free business essentials

Collette Jones, money saving expert at Magic Freebies UK, reveals some free business essentials that can help small businesses save money when starting out.

When you’re just starting out as a small business, keeping start-up costs to a minimum is essential. Being willing to compromise and getting creative with your funds can help keep your costs down, and there are plenty of savings to be made for the savvy entrepreneur.

Collette Jones, money saving expert at Magic Freebies UK, has discovered a range of free business essentials that can help small businesses like yours reduce overheads and save money while just starting out.

Free Vistaprint sample kit

Vistaprint offers a free sample kit which includes a range of their top products complete with a selection of paper stocks, sizes and finishes. You’ll receive a sample of standard and deluxe business cards, brilliant finish business cards, invitations and announcements, letter head and envelopes, and more.

This will save you both time and money in the long run, as you can choose from a selection of designs to help perfect your brand before you waste money printing a large quantity of samples.

Free £10 Uber credit

Uber is now the go-to taxi service. It’s convenient and affordable and is now available in over 200 cities. Download the app and use code 9ft8h to get your free £10 Uber credit to help you get to those important meetings on time.

Free 2017 wall planner

A wall planner is the perfect visual to help you organise your business appointments. Claim this free Horslyx wall planner by filling in your name and address and they will send yours in the post.

You might argue that you can now manage your life from your phone and other devices, but personally I don’t think you can beat a physical wall planner for planning ahead and scheduling appointments.

Free MOO business cards

If you want to explore more business card options, why not order a sample pack of MOO business cards? They’re 100% free and include a range of shapes, paper stocks and finishes to help you perfect your business branding.

Free taste card

If you want to treat your clients to a lunch or evening meal, these meetings can quickly add up and hurt your finances. Make sure you apply for a free tastecard to get an impressive 50% off or 2 for 1 deals off over 1,000 restaurants in the UK.
Free Money Observer magazine

If you’re looking for some financial advice on market trends, investment news and other invaluable tips, apply for a free copy of Money Observer magazine, worth £4.95.

You can also gain access to their email content when you apply, which also features exclusive financial content to help you make informed business decisions.

Free Office Pantry snack box

Office Pantry are similar to Grazebox, only they deliver snacks for your entire office. You can choose from a range of snacks including healthy fruit, nutty breakfast bars and more. Order your free sample snack box directly to your office to enjoy their best selection for free.

Free artisan coffee

Grab a free coffee at your local Haris + Hoole café when you download their free app. Their app also saves your favourite ‘regular’ coffee order which is handy if you’re in a hurry and want a coffee to go. They have 36 locations and their cool and cosy coffee shops offer the best artisan coffee at a decent price.

Free coffee at KFC

You can also pick up a free KFC coffee when you download their app and head to your local KFC. Don’t forget to collect stamps to continue to earn exclusive offers like a free side. It’s available on both android and iOS so take advantage and claim yours. I heard it’s Seattle’s best coffee.

Colette Jones is money saving expert at Magic Freebies UK.

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