Scarborough shines as enterprise capital

When it comes to business, the seaside town of Scarborough has washed away impressions of being built upon fairgrounds and candy floss shops, after being named enterprise capital of the UK.

Adrian Riley relocated his web business, Electric Angel Design, to the town from Bradford in 2003 and says he has been surprised by its enterprising success. He adds: ‘The energy and enthusiasm is infectious and has certainly influenced our approach to running a business here. It’s been a superb move for us.’

Achievements over the past six years have included a sharp reduction in seasonal unemployment, new industry sectors being created, and an influx of more than £200 million in private sector investment – bringing hundreds of new jobs to the town.

Peter Jones, Dragons’ Den star and national Enterprising Britain judge, says that ‘Scarborough is a town with enterprise in its blood’. He adds that it’s ‘a huge achievement’ to create ‘a digital industry where one previously did not exist’.

In 2002, people claiming jobseeker’s allowance in Scarborough was four per cent. By 2007, this figure almost halved in the town, following the success of its business initiatives.

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