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Nationally, burglary is one of the most common types of crime experienced by businesses, with higher rates of re-burglary than domestic properties. This article runs through the main measures to ensure the on-site security of your business premises and minimise risk.

Incidents of burglary and related crimes can seriously disrupt day-to-day business operations and affect trade; surveys have indicated that the average cost of a burglary at a non-residential property is £2,700. Charles Tweed of property management company Strategic Team Group explains more.

There are a number of reasons why thieves are targeting business premises as opposed to domestic homes. The assets available to be stolen are potentially of a much higher value in commercial properties. Every business uses computing systems and software and generally has on-site electrical items worth a lot of money, such as laptops, digital cameras, printers, and various other expensive equipment. In addition, business premises are often vacant, on evenings, weekends, and over holiday periods such as Christmas where many offices remain unoccupied for a week, leaving them extremely vulnerable.

Although intruders usually enter the building through doors or windows, they can also exploit flat roofs and skylights, adjoining cellars, access hatches, or even go through walls built of metal foil construction or single skin brick walls. Therefore, all of these potential access points need to be considered in any risk assessment.

Once a risk assessment has been carried out on the property, and it has been identified which rooms need high levels of security, appropriate security doors, locks and other measures need to be implemented. In terms of external doors and windows, there is a range of appropriate products which can ensure maximum security to business premises. These include:

  • Roller shutter doors
  • High speed doors
  • Steel hinged doors
  • Anti-ram barriers
  • Security grilles

Sliding grilles and shutters can be used to protect windows, doors and emergency exits effectively in most commercial premises. Security grilles can be folded to the side of the door or window when the building is occupied.

Companies who specialise in shutters and doors can offer free site surveys, quotations and advice to ensure that all your security requirements are met through tailored and cost-effective solutions. They can also offer fixed-cost maintenance contracts to ensure that your security measures are kept in good working order, and that any repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.

Secure doors and windows, complemented by other essential security measures, such as alarm systems, CCTV and illumination, are crucial in minimising the risk of burglary to your business. Moreover, the range of products offered by companies specialising in shutters and doors can be installed without compromising the aesthetic value of the property.

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