Self-employed freelancers just want a hug for Christmas

Self-employed freelancers ask for a hug for Christmas after a difficult and uncertain year.

Over half of self-employed freelancers have told ContractorCalculator that all they want for Christmas is a great big hug and to spend time with their family, reinforcing that the self-employed freelancers work tremendously hard for their clients – a fact backed up by the findings that 31 per cent of them will have less than a week off over the holidays, and almost half (45 per cent) will still be working for their clients.

The self-employed freelancers are a hard working bunch, often under valued and not acknowledged. This survey proves it.

These results are revealed in a survey conducted by the online platform that has become the expert guide to circa 100,000 freelancers and contractors every month since it was launched in 1999.

Of the 333 freelancers who took part in the survey, 56 per cent just want a hug for Christmas, 31 per cent will be taking less than a week’s holiday at Christmas and less than half (45 per cent) will be working over the festive season.

Four fifths (80 per cent) will not be attending their client’s Christmas party this year. Nearly three quarters (69 per cent) will be doing their Christmas shopping online and 73 per cent have not finished their shopping.

Dave Chaplin CEO and founder of Contractor Calculator who conducted the survey thinks that it is no surprise that all freelancers and contractors want for Christmas this year is a big hug. It’s been a tough year for them with more legislation and red tape getting in their way and the UK’s self-employed workers want to feel loved, appreciated and acknowledged for the hard work they do for UK plc throughout the year.

Chaplin says, ‘The figures tell us that they are taking less time off over Christmas than employees with nearly half working over the festive season. They don’t have time to go shopping so have to shop online. And they don’t even get to party at Christmas. Let’s hope they get the hugs they deserve.’

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