Self-employed people three times more happy 

Self-employed professionals are more likely to feel happy during work hours as they view their work as a key part of what makes them happy, research finds.

Those who are employed full time are generally happy within work, though view their employment as a means to gain happiness from leisure activities outside of working hours, according to a study by human resourcefulness enterprise a-connect.

For self-employed respondents however, work itself is a source of happiness.

Work is closely tied to general happiness and health for those who are self employed, as opposed to being a facilitator for other activities that contribute to happiness.

When respondents were asked ‘given the opportunity, would you change your employment tomorrow?’ the majority (51 per cent) of full-time employed respondents said they would probably change their job.

Of those self-employed respondents however, 51 per cent either responded ‘probably not’ or ‘definitely not’.

Self employed individuals tend to work more hours, with 42 per cent of self-employed professionals working 40-50 hour weeks, compared to full time employed workers (28 per cent).

Some 52 per cent of employed professionals work 30-40 hour weeks.

Salary does not vary hugely between employment types and most (56 per cent employed, 59 per cent freelance) are satisfied with their remuneration and believe it to be in line with their experience and output.

Self-employed professionals see work as a lifestyle factor in itself, with 41 per cent of self-employed professionals describing work as having a positive or very positive effect on their overall physical and mental health.

Around 8 per cent of full-time employees describe work as having a positive or very positive effect on their overall physical and mental health.

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Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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