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Imagine a chair that responds to your body type rather than having to fiddle around (unsuccessfully) with levers.

Rather than having adjustment levers, Setu enjoys a buoyant design that allows it to move and conform to your body simply by responding to your weight as you sit.

Winner of a number of awards, including Best Sustainable Design Solution, the Setu chair provides comfort for any situation.

The Kinematic Spine bends and flexes as you do, while the elastomeric fabric conforms to your contours to keep you comfortable and supported.

Established in 1923 in Michigan, USA Herman Miller has 90 years of experience in ergonomic seating design and has carved out a global reputation for creating chairs defined by original aesthetics. A good ergonomic work chair aligns your body with your environment and technology, in turn improving the way you feel while working. By offering alignment and support, allowing your blood to circulate freely and enabling more oxygen to reach brain cells, the Setu makes it easier for you to focus on the task at hand.

Herman Miller’s design team worked to continually streamline the shape, ensuring less material was used. From the tip of Setu's polypropylene Kinematic Spine down to the durable alloy base, this chair is finished without using toxic coatings.

This is a good-looking chair that wouldn’t look out of place in a space station.

Price: £659

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